VDS info and victim support service

Victim support and assistance

Different hamrful acts happen next to us, in our city, in our neighborhood! Anyone can become a victim of a theft, robbery, domestic violence, violence at the workplace, pickpocketing in the bus, stalking or something similar.

In Serbia, there are state and non-governmental organizations that provide support to victims of domestic violence, human rights’ violations, trafficking, workplace violence, child victims, women with disabilities and others. One of these services functions in the Victimology Society of Serbia and is called VDS info and victim support.

VDS info and victim support service (tel: +381 11 63 03 022 and +381 11 22 88 040) provides support and assistance to all victims of crime and human rights’ violations, including both women and men. The service tries to answer the most common needs of victims and provides:
- Information on victim’s rights and the ways in which they could be exercised
- Trust, understanding, empowering support; considering options for solving problems, activation of support in the family and social environment, information about  ..psychological reactions and dynamics of recovery, practical information to re-establish life flows after traumatic events, etcs.
- Referral to competent and specialized institutions/organizations in Belgrade and Serbia depending on the specific needs of victims
- Accompanining and supporting victims in the court and in the contacts with state institutions
- Support to female offenders/prisoners who committed crime after suffering along-term violence.

All victims who are not sure whom to address could contact VDS info and victim suport service. The Service has contacts of a large number of specialized governmental and non-govermental organizations.

If you know someone who has been a victim, try to be supportive to him/her, listen to him/her, do not blame him/her and judge his/her actions, help him/her to find a suitable service to get assistance respect his/her rights and needs!




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VDS info and victim support service


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