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Temida is the journal on victimization, human rights and gender, peer reviewed and accredited as an academic journal by Serbian Ministry of Science. Papers are mainly published in Serbian. Papers written in other languages are either translated in Serbian or published in the the language they are written in.

Topics for 2015 include:

No. 1 Victims' protection: International law, national legislations and practice (submission deadline: March 1, 2015),
No. 2 Secondary victimisation and victim support (submission deadline: June, 1 2015),
No. 3 Positive victimology (submission deadline: September, 1, 2015);
No. 4 Restorative justice, safety and victims (submission deadline: November, 1 2015).

As in 2015 three decades of the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power will be marked, all issues of Temida in 2015 will present a contribution to this anniversary. Therefore, we call authors to make the Declaration and its implementation visible in their papers in connection to the specific topics.

Contributions not specifically dedicated to these themes, as well as conference and book reviews, may be submitted irrespective of the indicated terms.

Contributions should adjust to technical guidelines available on /www.vds.org.rs/

Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail: vdsrbija@gmail.com.

Price for single printed copy of scientific journal Temida is 750 Dinars. Annual subscription for printed copy for 2015 is 3000 RSD for individuals and 10000 RSD for institutions. Price for single printed copy for abroad is 30 EUR. Annual subscription rate for printed copy for abroad is 60 EUR for individuals and 120 EUR for institutions. The subscription includes delivery of the copy of Temida by mail and the access to all electronic issues of Temida in 2015 and all previous years. Regarding the subscription please contact the Editorial office.

The annual on-line subscription fees for Temida through the Victimology Society of Serbia web site for Serbia are 2000 RSD for individuals and 6000 RSD for institutions, while the on-line subscription for one issue is 200 RSD.

The annual on-line subscription fees for Temida through the Victimology Society of Serbia web site for abroad are EUR 40 for the individuals and EUR 100 for institutions. Subscription for one on-line issue is 5 EUR.

In 2015. journal Temida is available at the web site of the Victimology Society of Serbia www.vds.org.rs and through the EBSCO research database only for indivuduals and institutions who pay the subscription.
We are looking forward to successfully cooperation.

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović

Sanja Copic
Editor-in-Chief Deputy

Ljiljana Stevković


















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